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The Halo lamp is a smart light designed to enhance plant growth in indoor spaces where there may not be sufficient natural light. The circular light envelopes the plant, bathing it with light, encouraging even growth from all sides.

Not only a pedestal for indoor plants but also a frame for any objects to be celebrated, creating a very dramatic scene for any objects displayed inside its light. This statement piece can tie together domestic environments as well as commercial and hospitality spaces.

Crafted from high quality solid materials, Halo gives a premium feel to the home. The light metal structure vanishes at night when Halo is lit, giving the feeling it is floating in thin air. 

The Halo lamp is fitted with LEDs with a temperature of 3000k and 1200 Lumens of brightness which is approximately the equivalent of a 100 W incandescent bulb or 17 W LED bulb.

The Halo lamp can be controlled by both a switch on Halo, via a mobile app (iOS and Android), or via a smart assistant (Alexa, google home, etc). These smart features allow you to control the brightness and set automated times for your Halo lamp to turn on and off.

Materials:     steel, ash, alluminium

Finish:           black matte solid ash, black matte metal

Size:              80x40x160

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