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Introducing the SG_02 fixed high bar stool, a carefully crafted piece that offers both functionality and beauty. Each stool is unique, reflecting the artistry and attention to detail of our skilled artisans. The stool features a wooden saddle, expertly carved from a single block of ash, which is supported by three legs that provide stability and balance. A curved footrest has also been included to enhance comfort and promote relaxation.

In addition, the stool's metal structure draws inspiration from suspended architecture, creating a striking contrast between the heavy wooden top and the thin, elegant legs. This design element adds an extra touch of sophistication and intrigue to this already exceptional piece.

SG_02 Bar stool

SKU: SG_02
  • Materials: steel, ash

    Finish: black tinted hard wood, black matte metal

    Size: 40x40x65cm

    *Designed in the UK by Massimo Cappella

    *Manufactured in China

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