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Introducing the LA_28, a stunning floor ambient lamp that combines simplicity and elegance. The lamp's minimalist design creates a sense of understated beauty, while its warm and diffused lighting adds a touch of coziness to any space. The lamp's long and thin legs are almost invisible in the dark, giving the impression that the lamp is suspended in mid-air.

The lighting unit features a vintage squirrel cage filament light bulb that emits a soft and warm glow, creating a relaxed atmosphere in the room. The 60W light is mounted on an antique dark bronze bayonet fitting and supported by a black ash case, which is joined to the lamp's legs. An aluminum ring surrounds the light and creates the illusion of a bright eye-shaped lamp. Additionally, a solid steel pendulum keeps the lamp's line straight, adding to the lamp's simple and geometric design.

LA_28 Cat eye floor lamp

SKU: LA_28
  • Materials: steel, ash, aluminum

    Finish: black matte ash, black matte metal

    Size: 35 X 35 X 120cm

    *Designed in the UK by Massimo Cappella

    *Manufactured in China

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