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The LA_17 is a floor ambient lamp. The simplicity of the design and the kindness of the light, make the lamp a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture. The long and thin legs become almost invisible when the room is dark giving a suspension feeling to the head of the piece. The lighting unit uses a beautiful vintage squirrel cage filament light bulb which generates a diffused and very warm lite to make the environment more relaxed. The 60W light is mounted on an antique dark bronze bayonet fitting supported by a black ash case joint to the light legs. The alluminium ring protects the light and create the illusion of a bright eye shaped lamp. A solid steel pendulum also holds the line straight to be visually integrated with the simple geometry of the steel legs.

Materials:     steel, ash, alluminium

Finish:           black matte ash, black matte metal

Size:              35 X 35 X 120

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